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Fibre Craft Dolls

This listing is for a 2-pack of 2 different type of fibre craft dolls heads. They are high-quality, beautiful and sure to make you feel like aseasoning fibre craft doll.

Fibre Craft

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Fiber Craft

This is a vintage santa claus doll from 2005. She is two years old and she is new in packs. Both her eyes are on fire with joy because they are both new! This fiber craft is all about recycled materials and this is a great choice for those who love to save. Please visit our craftcorral. Com for more great choices. this fiber craft doll head and hands set is a 5 vintage sealed fibre-craft acrylic doll head and hands set. It includes five unique fibre-craft acrylic dolls, each of which has a unique head and hands. The dolls are able to wear yarn hair, making these sets a perfect way to show off your fiber craft skills. this is a great opportunity to have a tight end doll like fibre-craft's 15 inch dolls that have the vintage fibre craft three-panel design. She has a blue and green eyes and a long body. These dolls are a great gift for the web or for the fibre-craft fans at the store. f fibre-craft materials corp is a business that specializes in materials and materials used in construction. They offer a variety of products to make your average baby or doll a funny face. They are made from a variety of materials, including cloth, paper, plastic, and metal.